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The Mellow Madman
My name is Karl Barrow.

I was born in Yorkshire. My parents lived in Kent at the time.

I lived in a village of some historical interest in the coal mining area of Yorkshire from a time before my earliest memories until I managed to scrape through into University in 1993, despite a complete lack of interest in doing anything beneficial to my personal development, like studying.

That absence of foresight and self-worth continued after I left my parents' house, and with that attitude I had no chance of successfully completing a degree course, and had to leave after failing the first year twice. I stayed in the Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire area for the next ten years, drifting through various jobs of little interest, running up huge credit card debts, and slowly but surely learning a little bit about life and developing some sort of character.

I've been an R.T.I.T.B. qualified counterbalance forklift driver since May 2003, although I suspect my RTITB card has expired by now.

I've been listening to heavy metal since my early teenage years.

I've been building scale models, mainly of World War II aeroplanes but also armour and some post-war aeroplanes, since my best friend fired up my interest a few years ago.

I first flew on Friday 19th September, 2003, at the London Gliding Club, Dunstable.

The second time I flew was on Thursday 2nd October, from Gatwick to Detroit on a DC-10, ultimate destination Ann Arbor, where I had one of the best weekends of my life and met the woman who is now my wife, as well as many of the people you see on the friends list below.

On June 20th, 2005, I entered the USA on a visa which allowed me to marry my fiancee, which I did in August, and apply for permission to stay here as a permanent resident, which I did in September.

I like to play games that aren't computer games. I like to play computer games too, but I like to support non-computer game-playing.

I have never been fired from a job.

I have never seen AC/DC or Iron Maiden or Entombed, though I wish I had a long time ago, but I have seen Motorhead many times, and many, many other bands.

There are things I intend to do:

Have you ever anonymously bought a random person something from their wishlist? I have. Anyway, here's my Amazon.com greedlist.

There are some things that are difficult to find in the USA, so here is my Amazon.co.uk greedlist.

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